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Welcome to 12th Man Breaks!

My name is Brandon and I'm a sports fanatic. I've always loved playing sports, ripping packs, analyzing statistics, and basically anything that has to do with sports. In fact, this hobby helped me pull out of the worst season of my life. I enjoy breaking cards so much, that I constantly find myself watching my fellow breaker friends bust cases even when I don't have a team in the break. The card community is where I have met a lot of my most respected friends. That's saying a lot, considering I haven't met most of them in person.

I'm happily married to my beautiful wife Krystal who I met in high school 18 years ago. We have two kids, Camden & Emerly and they're sports fans as well :  )

My wife and I are very detailed & take pride in our work. We will be honest, price fair, ship promptly and package well.

Again, I'd like to welcome you to 12th Man Breaks, "WHERE EVERY FANS A 12TH MAN"

Now let's pull some MONSTERS!!


Jeremiah 29:11

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